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This page presents Wikimedia Hungary's programme plan and associated budget for the year 2014. This plan only includes programmes that specifically require funding. Further programmes may be carried out based on the initiative of our members, utilizing our existing reserves, IT infrastructure, office, and the support of our staff member.

The plan will be discussed and approved on our general assembly at 26th April 2014. Further modifications may happen during the meeting.


The total budget is distributed amongst the various strategic objectives as shown on the pie-charts. All amounts are in Hungarian forints, amounts in US dollars are only for informational purposes.

Our total expected spending for the fiscal (and calendar) year of 2014 is somewhere below 7 500 000 HUF. We aim to cover our annual plan with an FDC grant of 8 000 000 HUF with an expected usage of 70-90%, depending on our non-FDC incomes.


Strategic goals Program Comment Costs
Programme funding
Direct costs expenditures necessary to carry out the program (e.g. rental fees, admissions, printing, etc.) 1 000 000
Catering catering costs for self initated meetups (if the location is not a catering unit itself) 100 000
Travel (community) Support for community members to travel to Wikimania, local and international meetups, conferences (payout only in exchange for a written public report); scholarships to invite and support foreign Wikipedians' travel and accommodation costs 1 500 000
Promotional materials programme awards, program related promotional materials and other Wikipedia or Wikimedia Hungary related promotional materials (T-shirts, cups, etc.) 300 000
WikiCamp Following the established modell, in a separate budget aimed to cover all expenses 250 000
Ensuring that more free content is available in Hungary
Supporting other Hungarian groups with similar aims but less means Creative Commons, Open Street Map, KözTérKép, etc. 100 000
Administrative costs
Employee 1 person 2 500 000
Accounting 180 000
Postal costs 50 000
Banking fees 80 000
Office supplies 100 000
Telephone costs 75 000
Server hosting 420 000
IT costs office internet 100 000
Office space 1 750 000
Board meetings food, travel reimbursement 50 000
Supervisory Committee meeting food, travel reimbursement 20 000
Other expenditures business cards, other office items (broom, coffe machine, etc.) 25 000
Other costs
unexpected expenditures, or overspending of any specific budget above 400 000
Total 9 000 000


Income tax allocation (1%) from the fiscal years 2013 1 500 000
Membership fees 100 000 HUF
Other financial donations 200 000
Amount requested as FDC Grant 8 000 000 HUF
Total 9 800 000 HUF