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This page presents Wikimedia Hungary's programme plan and associated budget for the year 2014. This plan only includes programmes that specifically require funding. Further programmes may be carried out based on the initiative of our members, utilizing our existing reserves, IT infrastructure, the office to be opened, and the support of our staff member.

The plan will be amended and approved on the board meeting on 30 november 2013. So further modifications may be happened during the meeting.


The total budget is distributed among the various strategic objectives as shown on the pie-charts. All amounts are in Hungarian forints, amounts in US dollars are only for informational purposes.


Strategic goals Program Comment Costs
Improving Wikipedia content quality
Article writing and photocompetitions like the earlier competitions article writing and photocompetitions 500 000
cost reimbursement reimbursement of the cost needed for the various sources, tickets, etc. 100 000
Ensure the community health, including editor recruitment
WikiCamp The fifth installment of our WikiCamp event followin the model of the previous years. Its aim is to bring together community members and new editors. 250 000
4 (?) Wiki meetups 2 big meetups (beginning of the year, end of year together with the General Assembly, and two others sometime) 500 000
Community budget The aim is to support spontaneous local meetups, wikiproject-organized events and other community gatherings and projects in general. 100 000
Presentations about Wikipedia Presentations and workshops about Wikipedia and editing throughout in Hungary 50 000
Travel (community) Support for community members to travel to Wikimania, local and international meetups, conferences; scholarships to invite and support foreign Wikipedians' travel and accommodation costs 1 000 000
Ensuring that more free content is available in Hungary
Support Hungarian groups with similar aims but less means Creative Commons, Open Street Map etc. 100 000
PR, networking, increasing support for Wikipedia/media and free content
Wikimedia booths at public events for example Book Fair, Free Software Conference and similar 300 000
Increasing activity in the chapter, engaging more volunteers, key areas of activity (education, contact and comunicationh with the memory institutions, press, pr, etc.)
Promotional material 300 000
Organizational development, capacity building
Employee 1 full time person 2 000 000
PR consultant To help in volunteer management, publicizing our events for better achieve 500 000
Administrative costs
könyvelő 250 000
postaköltség 100 000
bankköltség 75 000
nyomtatási költség 50 000
telefonköltség 100 000
szerverfenntartás 450 000
informatikai keret laptop, router és más műszaki berendezések 250 000
jogi keret 250 000
irodabérlet 1 250 000
elnökségi ülés terembérlet, étkezés 50 000
felügyelőbizottsági ülés Terembérlet, étkezés 20 000
hivatalos utazás Wikimánia, chaptertalálkozó, egyéb 300 000
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